I've created these video samples so you can compare the video quality of my present disc with the previous disc I offered. I do apologize to those using Apple products, this is Flash video and will not display on iPods, Macs or iPhones. However you can check my sister site: AlamoDvd.com

Below you will see seven minutes worth of samples from each disc. The scenes from each disc are identical, and will allow you to compare the quality differences in the videos. You can stop one and watch the other. With a little experimentation you can get them playing in tandem with each other.

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The "Pre-2.0 Disc" ------------------------------The 2.0 "Enhanced" Disc

The disc I previously offered is on the left and the 2.0 "Enhanced" disc on the right.

My website name does not appear on the films, they appear above simply to stop my competition from appropriating these videos for their sites.

A couple of things should be mentioned. The first disc, the "pre-2.0" was made when most people were viewing things on cathode ray tube television sets. And if you are using a cathode ray tube, then what you see on the left side is as it would appear on your television. However, the "pre-2.0" disc did NOT hold up well on flat screen televisions. The video will look blurrier on a flat screen televsion than what is shown.

Not so with the 2.0 on the right. It will look good on ANY televsion you watch it on.

Although there is a quality difference in the animation scenes, the differences become more obvious with the live action sequences. That is why you see other sites give pictures from the animation sequences -- it's more difficult to be critical of them.

Also notice that the Tar Baby and "Rabbit Roast" scenes are included so that you KNOW they are on the disc.

I need to say that there are other sites still selling my old disc. On that disc you will still get the same Menu Screens, but you will be getting the older video and it will not look as good on a flat screen televsion.

I know it sounds self serving to say, but to ensure that you get the best disc, you should buy from this site.