cover of song of the south PAL vhs

This video will NOT play on U.S. Players

$14.95 + $5.35 Priority Mail

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This is a limited time offer for an original PAL video of "Song of the South". These were officially released in the U.K. and have the hologram on the side of the case.

These will be offered until they are gone. They are sealed. However Americans need to understand the way these videos were sealed in the U.K.: The video "inside the case" is sealed. The case itself is NOT sealed.

These are being offered as collector's items only. They WILL NOT play on a standard U.S. VHS player. These come in the blue "collector's case" with the mickey ears on the opening side of the case.

This offer is for the United States ONLY. For international there will be extra shipping charges and you will need to write me. Thank you for your consideration.