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1. What is the quality of these films?

It depends on the title. Each product page contains a description and I decieve nobody. If a film is crud, I'll be up front about it, although I would be very reluctant to use a source like that to begin with.

In the case of Song of the South you won't find better. The 2.0 disc is the absolute best available - anywhere.


2. What sort of payments do you take?

I take any of the four major credit cards: Visa, Discover, American Express and Mastercard.

Please note that charges will appear on your statement as billed from ZipVideo.

For checks and money orders see the next question.


3. What if I need to pay by check or money order?

You can make your payment out to ZipVideo, and send it to:

3131 S 2nd Street #383
Louisville, Ky 40208

It would be best on my end if you just added your desired items to the shopping cart and then, instead of checking out, just print the page and include it with your payment.

Mainly, just remember to include the shipping charges: $3.95 flat rate for ground, and $6.95 flat rate for priority shipping.

I will have to wait for a personal check to clear, but a money order will get instant shipping.

You might also want to shoot me an email letting me know you're sending a payment. I'll keep a head's up, plus I'll also have your email address to send you a tracking number.


4. Is your site secure?

Absolutely. If you check the shopping cart it comes from ShopSite. Shopsite will not allow their security tag to be displayed unless you have met their secure standards. You can read more about that here:


Essentially, this is what occurs. All the information you enter on my site is encrytped as it leaves ***YOUR*** computer. Then it is not sent to my site but it bypasses my site and goes directly to the card processor. This means I never see your full credit card number. Only the the first four digits and the last four digits. Nor is your credit card number ever stored on my site. So, even if hackers managed to compromise my site, there would be no credit card information there for them to exploit.

Further, I cannot change your order nor can I charge you any more than you have authorized with your order. Both you and your information is 100% safe



5. What shipping methods do you use? What about overnight?

I use a flat rate of $3.95 for USPS ground and $6.95 for USPS priority shipping. You just pay one flat rate per cart, instead of incremental shipping by item.

If you choose priority mail, your purchase will be delivered in a box.


6. Will the discs on your site play on U.S. Players?

All the films on the site are NTSC, (the U.S. standard), and will play fine on your player. Guaranteed.


7. What about art work?

Except for the free discs, all discs come with case art and disc art.

The free discs have no art work. I just display the image so you can easily identify the movie. Otherwise, the artwork posted on a page is the artwork you'll get.


8. What if I'm not happy with the product?

There is a money back guarantee on everything I offer.


9. How do I find these Easter Eggs?

10. One website is selling a 2-disc set. Why aren't you?

I offer the second disc free. Just request one of the free discs I offer with your purchase.


11. What about International Orders?

The Shopping Cart now has shipping rates for Canada and International. Anyone outside the U.S. and Canada is International. Please select your appropriate shipping rate.

If you are ordering the "3-fer" I offer on Song of the South, you will have to contact me for the rate. I must do that country by country.

Second, when you order you will see that the form requires a U.S. state or a Canadian Province.  Don't worry about it, just select a state. Just above the shipping details form you will see a comment area.  In that box type out your address as is should appear on packages for your country. That's the address I will use for your order. Please make sure the address as you enter it in the comment box looks something like this:

Your Name

first line of address

second line of address

fourth line if necessary with region code

the name of your country

Also, the discs you order will be Region 0, but they will also be NTSC, (the U.S. format). So, you will have to have a system that will play NTSC instead of PAL or SECAM.

Finally, be patient. It is not unusual for an international package to take up to a month, even for Canada. I do NOT have tracking for International packages the way I do for US mail, but you will receive a shipping confirmation with the custom's number and it links to tracking information on the custom's number, (be sure to double check the accuracy of your email address as you go through checkout).

Though I have heard that the tracking on customs's numbers are not always reliable, I have not yet had an International package lost.


12. Do the discs you offer have the tar baby and the rabbit roast scenes?

Yes, they do. But, there is not a version that doesn't contain these scenes.

The myth that Song of the South was edited originated from a couple of things. The original running time for the film was 94 minutes. But PAL sources, (which include the Hong Kong Laserdisc), speed up the film by 4%, which causes the film to have a shorter running time. So, when people saw about 3 minutes missing, they began to believe that something was cut from the film.

A second factor is that some people seem to think the crows from Dumbo were in Song of the South.

Anyway, unscrupulous merchants have seized on the myths to make a claim that "their" version has something others don't.

I have never run across a copy of this film that didn't have both the Tar Baby and the "Rabbit Roast" scene.


13. What do you do with my information?

ALL information you give me is used only to process your order. I do not sell your information to anyone. I do not share your information with anyone.

As to your credit card, I never see any but the first and last four digits of your card number.

All of your information is 100% safe.