Below you will find samples of the feedback that I've accumulated over the years. I know it's easy to falsify feedback, but all of this feedback is authentic.

I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you Very much ! ! ! For keeping a part of peoples childhood alive . Sort of like Uncle remus with his stories . I have been looking for Song of the south for at least twenty years all I got was dead ends . And just as I was about to give up I found your website. Well,you don't need to hear me rambling on . I just want to tell you that you are breathing childhood memories into people that thought they were all gone .



** Nikki **

We received our Song of the South DVD and Video today. We are more than delighted with the quality!!!! The quality of the packing, and more importantly the quality of the Video and DVD. As my husband told you, we had a copy of a copy of a copy of a copy.... well, you get the picture and it is very poor. We expected your Video to be a little better, but not as great as it is!

We think Disney is making a huge mistake by not releasing this wonderful movie in the USA, but we thank you so much for bringing it to us.

Phillip and Debbie

Just wanted to thank you profusely for the work you have done in bringing this classic to American homes. I purchased dvd and vhs, giving the dvd to my mom for her birthday. She saw the movie in 1946 with her now deceased grandmother. She was 10 years old and I must say she cried when she opened the package. It was a surprise you see. I remember as a child my mother saying if she could ever see song of the south again it would mean the world to her. Thank you for your help in realizing a life long dream for my mother. As a side bar, We are a Black family and can't understand what the commotion is over this movie. It was excellent and actually portrayed the love between the races and how the children got along and had love for "uncle Remus" regardless of color. Everyone should have the opportunity to see this film, but, until then keep up the good work. It was a joy to watch, and as a mother of 2 bi-racial children, (my husband is white of german/english descent) I had no problem letting them watch the film. anyway I guess I'm rattling on at this point.

Thanks a million.

Hi! This is just a quick note to thank you for your great service re "Song Of The South". What a fine production! Picture and sound quality are superb; not quite up to the original, but more than I expected. The order was extremely well packaged. I can see that you care, personally, about this movie. Thanks again for the great work you do!


I was so excited to finally be able to find the Song of the South entire movie! I ordered a DVD from you in June and it has been wonderful! My family and I have seen it several times. I just finished ordering a copy for my sister's birthday. When we grew up (a 1/2 century ago,) this was always one of our very favorite movies! Thank you for being able to provide this movie to us...(who cares if it's NOT 'politically correct!?' It is a wonderful movie and Uncle Remus is just as wonderful as I remember him! He not only steals the show, but all our hearts as well! "Mr. Blue Bird's on (our) shoulder(s)'s the truth! It's actual! (and now) everything is satisfactual!"

Sincerely Carolyn

Just a note to tell you that my DVD arrived yesterday, and I spent a delightful time enjoying the story and the music that I loved so many years ago. Thank you for making this movie available!

Kathaline H

It was my pleasure to put your website on our home page.
My ex-boss and I had talked about this old movie for years but we weren't going to pay close to $100 to get a bad copy from the UK.
When I found you, I ordered one for myself. When I saw how good it is, I immediately ordered one for him and my grandson. He then asked me to order 4 more for him.
I sent e-mail to several of my friends, giving them the link. I know of 4 of them who said they were placing orders.
I got tired of seeing all the death notices on our website, so I decided to brighten it up with your site..*grin*
Hope you hear from some of these people...we're spread out all over the country.
Haven't watched the Easter Egg cartoon yet. I probably will show it to my grandson this weekend.

Best regards,


Received my VHS from you and it works great!

Just wanted to say thank you and the family had a great time watching a flick we haven't seen in years.


I wanted to thank you for your fine product. We rushed to watch the movie as soon as it arrived and was very pleased with the quality. It was wonderful to see the movie I only remembered seeing as a little girl. I also wanted to let you know that the reason I chose to purchase from you was three fold:

1. You have a lovely website that was very informative and user friendly.
2. The fact that you allowed me to purchase with a check instead of using a credit card as I am extremely wary of using a card on the internet.
3. Your responses to my email were was very prompt and helpful.

Again, I want to express my appreciation for your quality of service and product. My family will enjoy this for many years to come.

Thank you,

Hi, I just ordered your combo set of Song Of The South and was SO happy to find it at last! I saw this movie when it was first showing at the theaters and have yearned to see it again for all the years of my life. How long is your bulk order offer going to last? I would like to order it later to give a copy to each of my brothers and sisters for Christmas but can't quite afford it at the moment. It won't be long, appx. another month. I know they'd all be delighted to receive a copy. I just happen to have 10 brothers and sisters and only 2 of them have seen this movie. I took them when I went. They were real young and I was only a little older but I was the "big sister." We were all just thoroughly entranced and have told the other kids about it many times. I have a couple of very old Uncle Remus books that I read to them over and over when we all were young so I KNOW they'd enjoy the movie no end. (Even though we're all well past grown and have all done pretty well for ourselves, we just never quite "grew up" and still play a lot!) What a perfect gift! Please let me know if you'll still be making this offer in September.
Take care.
Sincerely, Evelyn

Hello! The package arrived today, and by coincidence, my mom was there taking care of some things. She called me on the phone and told me it had arrived, and I told her very nonchalantly to open it for me. She was absolutely floored! I think she almost fell down she was so shocked. When she recovered, I told her it was for her and hoped she enjoyed it. Unfortunately I could not be there to receive what would probably be a bone-crushing hug. Maybe fortunately.

Thank you very much for giving me the opportunity to make my mom so happy. She has adored this movie since she was a small child, and has wanted to own it for over 40 years at least. She wanted me to pass along her most sincere thanks to you as well, which I do with great sincerity. I wish you good luck in all things, and hope that you continue to avoid the baleful eye of the Mouse so that other people can be made as happy as my mom is today. Thanks again!

Matt I received my tapes today and already played one. Thank you...Thank You...Thank You!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Can't believe I actually am able to watch this again after.......years. You made my day and my daughters will be happy to receive their tape too.

Let me tell you that this DVD and VCR are as good as I had hoped(actually much better) The memories of when I was six and I watched this film at the Bertha Movie Theatre in Chicago in 1946 were crystal clear.

Uncle Remus"s compassion for children radiated off the screen to a child who wasn't loved nearly enough.

He helped give that child hope-that someone could love him and he only needed to wait. With people like Uncle Remus in this world there were many who could understand and love all the children. They could love him too.

That child is sixty six now and will show it to all of his grand children. Thank You For This Treasure.



I ordered 2 DVD’s and a VHS tape of “Song of the South” from you last October (2004). I was trying to find your website again, because my cousin wants to order her own copy, and I noticed your e-address. I just wanted to let you know that they all work great and my family has really appreciated being able to enjoy this movie again – I didn’t think my kids would ever get to see this great classic! I gave one to my aunt and uncle so they could show their grandkids – “Song of the South” was the only movie they ever took their own kids to the theater for! I’m so glad I took a chance and ordered them from you – thanks so much!


Hi. I ordered a VHS version of Song of the South from you. We received it on Friday, February 11 and we watched it on Saturday night. We just wanted to let you know that we are very happy with it. My husband has been looking for this for years and has been unable to find it. We have a book of Uncle Remus tales we bought in 1973 to read to our children and we wanted to be able to share the book and the movie with our 4 grandchildren. They will watch it at our house with us and if they like it as much as we do, we will be ordering more from you.

Thank you again,

Jack and Pam

Dear Sugar,

I want to thank you for the prompt service that you extended to my order. I placed my order for Song Of The South, January 28, 2005. I received it February the 1st. I have tried to purchase that video and/or DVD for 5 years. I had been to a Disney video shop in Florida and was told that it was not available in disk or video format. Imagine my surprise when talking about it the last week in January with an aquaintance that I had tried for 6 years to find a copy of it and she told me about your web site. I ordered it that evening. And received it in 4 days. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I saw the movie when it came out in1946 or 1947. I was only 6 or 7 years old at the time. I nearly drove my parents crazy by my suck and blow whistling after seeing that movie. Needless to say You have made me a very happy Granma to now be able to share this wonderful movie with my 8 grandchildren. Thank you again, from the bottom of my heart.


Hello. I bought one of your DVDs for my mother for Christmas and she loved it. She remembers when she first saw it in the theater; it was the first film she ever saw. She remembered what she was wearing as a 6 year old, the weather and where her father parked and how they walked a couple of blocks to the theater.

Thank you for offering this classic film. I also heard it was Walt Disney’s personal favorite.

Just thought you would like to hear for a satisfied customer,


Hi. My friend was almost moved to tears when he realized he FINALLY had a copy of this movie. BTW, he's over 60 years old! His wife said he asked about the movie every time they were anywhere near a Disney-ANYTHING! I said - well he won't be doing that again. Now I have two friends who want copies, too, so I'll be calling you again soon.

Thanks again.


Thanks for the heads-up on gaining access to the cartoon. Again - I say thank you for your efforts in getting this film out to folks in this country.

Neil C.

PS - By the way, Have you ever visited Eatonton, GA? My wife, daughter and I stumbled across it by accident a couple of years ago on a cross-country trip. It is home to Brer Rabbit and they even have a statue of him in the town square and an Uncle Remus museum. A regular "Laughing Place!"

The disk arrive yesterday while I was at work. I am very pleased with it. I did not get to watch the entire film, but I did test it and watch the "tarbaby" scene". It seems to be very good quality. Having grown up in Atlanta and going to the Joel Chandler Harris sites both in Atlanta and in Eatonton, I have always loved the 'Song of the South'. Now with the DVD, I can share it with my son so that he may know it also.



I did get my other order Thursday last week and let me tell you. The quality is so great! I had went to Canton last month to the big flea market that Canton is known for and a lady had this same video for sale. Her DVD was $84 and her VHS was $60. I almost bought one but once I seen the quality of the playback I politely bowed out. Your quality is excellent! I am so glad I bought my items from you. Thanks so much. I read your Q & A section from top to bottom and everything you talk about just makes so much sense. And your prices are so reasonable for the quality you give. Sorry this was a long email I just want you to know that I will keep coming back to you for my videos. They are the best!


Hello Sugar. My name is Carol. I'm from Indiana. I spoke with you on the phone a few weeks ago. I ordered 2 DVD's. Just wanted to let you know that I am very pleased with them. It was so wonderful to view this movie once again. It took me 20yrs to find it at a reasonable price.The last time I saw it at the movies was in the early 70's when my children were small. Now my grandchildren can view this wonderful movie. Thanks again........





Hi, I just wanted to let you know that we received the order and watched the DVD last night; we have been working at the county fair (we're with 4-H) or we would've watched it sooner! It was kids' first time ever, and they loved it!! It was great being able to watch it again after well over 20 years or so, I can't even remember how old I was when I saw it in the theater. I briefly looked over the VHS and they are both equally good quality, just like something we could rent at Blockbuster. We were thrilled with the extras on the DVD! Thank you SO much!!! I would definitely recommend you.



Just wanted to let you know how happy I am with both the quality of the DVD and the terrific service I received. I wish all shopping on the internet was this smooth and rewarding. Keep up the good work.

Thanks again,


Thank you for the "Wonderful" copy of SotS, I am very happy with the quality and the nice extras that were included on the DVD. I appreciate your honesty and the quick delivery of the DVD that I purchased from you! I will gladly do business with you again.

Thanks again


I received my DVD copy of “Song of the South” from you last Wednesday. I was very pleased with the excellent quality.

Over a year ago I had purchased a VHS PAL copy from Amazon (UK). I then sent it off to be dubbed to VHS-NTSC. The result was very disappointing, dark and flagging at the top of the picture. I am so glad to get a good DVD copy from you.

In a few days I think I will be ordering 3 more copies for friends.

Thanks Again.


Wow. It even has a "hidden " cartoon. This disc just keeps geting better and better.

I kind of remember seeing that cartoon as a child on TV, before the world became so politically correct. In fact, that's the kind of stuff I'm looking for. Aside from what I guess would be called "race cartoons", I know that there were a number of wartime cartoons ( most made by Warner Brothers, and some by Disney I think) aimed at portraying the Japanese in a bad light. The Coal Black cartoon was a little bit of both genres.

See, I'm all for being politically correct, but I'm against trying to rewrite history. People try to pretend that these things never happened. I'm not saying that we should be proud of these cartoons, or films, or slavery in general, but at least give people the chance to see them and see what the mindset of the US was at a particular time. It was a different world back then and stuff like this, for me, is very interesting and entertaining.

Thank you once again, and if you ever come accross any compilation tapes or DVDs of this type of stuff please let me know.

Best regards,